What I hate about Costco and Sams

I was in full cranky mode this morning thanks to Costco.  As I suspected susandennis can get the egg yoke cookies but the west coast people sucked them all in before they got to Texas.  I don't mind that.  The west coast has some issues and needs cookies.  And I wouldn't mind if finding out that they are not in our Costco yet did not require half an hour of up and down isles looking at nearly every box (as they look alike) only to be defeated in the end.

That would not have been quite so annoying if they hadn't moved one of the three soups, just one, from where it always is.  I found it.  More walking around.

Costco and Sams both have massive control of what they put where and when and why so if something is not where I expect it to be they've moved it for a reason.  Although that reason is not to specifically piss me off I sometimes get the feeling that is a fun byproduct for them.

In all the frustration of finding which walnut contained the pea I forgot about the damn bacon.

Fortunately they have old people hour and it is not crowded and the internist I spoke with specifically mentioned Costco as a safe place with all the open air and ventilation.  So I'll just go back for bacon one day.

They've probably moved it though.


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