Cookies and bread

Last night was cookies and today is bread AND cookies.  

The cookies are at the recommendation of wildcelticrose2, browned butter chocolate chip.  They are every bit as wonderful as they sound.  I overcooked them a bit so they are crispy instead of chewy but I'm working another batch today to send up with Dana who is visiting her son and they will probably be chewy.  If not, I'll have to practice more.

And I'm sending up some bread too.  One of my standbys.  A Bulgar cereal, wheat, and white bread.  Molasses and honey.  Again, as tasty as it sounds.  BUT I accidentally added an additional cup of water.  I'd already put nearly everything in and I didn't want to waste it all.  I added an additional 3/4 of a cup of wheat flour and enough white to get the consistency I'm used to. I've probably baked this bread 50 times so I know what it should feel like when it goes in the bread pan.  But the yeast, molasses and the rest are not proportionate so it might be crap.  Dana says my crappy bread is always wonderful and this if for son's family so I might be OK.  I'm thinking it will be too cake like but I've watched a lot of GBBO so my standards have gone up.

Dana is going to see son and son's family.  A calculated risk she was going to take a couple of weeks ago but they had a two degrees of separation from Covid so we delayed.  The coast is clear now and they are even more careful after having a scare so I'm not too worried.  It is important for her to see the grandkids and vice versa.  Travelling now rather than close to Christmas is safer.  

So I've got the two dogs, cookies and the extra loaf of bread created with the inadvertent addition to the recipe.

I divided up the first batch of cookies and will take them around to the three friend.  The four of us have met on the first Thursday of each month for about three years now.  We don't exchange gifts but Dana collected a huge basket of wild flower seeds and put a bunch into each of a dozen clear Christmas ornaments:

Home made seed pod
Home made seed pod

This particular one is all Marigolds but most of them are random Texas wild flower seeds she has collected during the year.

And I had these cookies.  So I'm taking Toby tomorrow around to a vet check of his ears then we're going on a long drive to drop gifts off on porches.

When we were young this was a two week long event at our house.  We'd fill up the station wagon with home made cookies wrapped up in aluminum disposable tins and tied with a big bow around cellophane.  They were each really lovely.  And we went from house to house of friends and business contemporaries of my father's in Hanes Corporation in Winston-Salem handing out these gifts.  It was quite a production as susandennis can tell you.

This is a splinter of that time but the idea is the same.


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