Retro day in a retro life

I've got some David Crosby playing in the background after having watched most of "CSNY 50 by 4" last night.  Their first album came out when I was in high school.  James Taylor, Led Zepplin, Jefferson Airplane, The Who, the Doors, and then CSNY (there were actually so many others).  There was a book "The Rock and Roll Encyclopedia" that came out not too long after that told much of the story of Laurel Canyon.  This was a time when not every piece of information in the world was at one's fingertips (great story about naming the 7 dwarfs I'll get to one day).  So there were lengthy discussions by a bunch of us sharing the one piece of the puzzle we had about just how CSN and Y came together.  The Hollies, the Byrds and all the interactions that were required to make magic happen.  The movie does a good job of putting all that together (several others discuss the Laurel Canyon itself and an excellent article documents the environment in detail).

[Turns out that was 50 years ago.  Remarkable that I remember it so well since I'm not nearly that old.  ]

Probably just as well but I missed so much of that considering that I was alive then.  Had I been three or four years older I might have been lost entirely.  Woodstock was coming up on the horizon while I was in Manhattan.  I remember the buzz on the street but I was not quite old enough to go.  A few years later I was routinely hitchhiking down from Maine to NYC and back without giving it much thought.  But the age was just ahead of me.  And that was probably a good thing.  I might easily have gotten lost in the mud.  

It is nice to wander through the music of those times now.  Such an explosion, so hard to imagine now.  Unfortunately as the documentary discusses it could never happen again.  There is too much money and all that goes with it.

But there was a day when Joni Mitchell, Mama Cass, Jackson Browne, CSN, Frank Zappa, and all their friends sat around a pool and played music.  It is nice to revisit that day every now and then.


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