It is that time of year

Nope, not Christmas.  Not New Years Eve.

I got my first 1099R link from my retirement pay and created my 2020 tax folder on Google Drive.  NOW I know that the end of the year is close.

Of course the rest of the inputs will drag on until I get the final one in July.  I'll file taxes before then and amend them when I get the input from the small business I've got a 3% stake in.  

Everything was so delayed last year that I'm still waiting for $3k+ the IRS owes me from 2019.  They don't pay interest if they owe me money, of course.  I guess I'll call them before it gets any further into December and see what is going on.

My current plan is to do our taxes myself this year avoiding the CPA fees for the first time since I started my company in 2005.  In the past I've actually enjoyed working through Turbotax or H&R or whatever system I used.  It gave me a chance to review everything in our financial life.  After running a business for 12 years or so without a bookkeeper I'm probably more qualified that some of the tax prep people anyway and our situation is fairly simple now and I'm certainly in a position to trade my time for money.  

Of course the big issue is the programs will not even be out until the congress passes whatever laws will retroactively govern the 2020 taxes and that will be late January at the earliest.  I've got enough withheld this year that I'll be chomping at the bit to get it done.  


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