I'm not a geek's geek.  I don't do any kind of cosplay or comicon or any of it that would make me a true geek.  But I watched all of Star Trek.  The first time through.  One week at a time on TV.  And I noted the sad demise of Ben Bova this past week.  I do not know a single person who even knows who he is but he effected my life substantially in the years following college when I really discovered Science Fiction.  Another fucking Covid death.  

In addition to the early SF germination started by Star Trek I discovered Isaac Asimov.  It was the year after graduating college in 1975 and I picked up Foundation and Empire not realizing it was the middle of the seminal three book Foundation Trilogy.  Got through the whole thing then went to book number one and started over.  By the end of the 70's I'd read nearly every SF book that was available in the library.  I also had a subscription for a while to Ben Bova's SF magazine Analog.  It looked like Reader's Digest in size but had whole short stories but some of the top writers.  So I do have some SF street cred when I get into something now.

Not sure how it happened. I'm pretty sure it was an accident that I ran across The Expanse series on Netflix.  But it has been a background passion with me ever since.  That happened about the time I had my hip replaced and bought a Roku so I just devoured everything available and then discovered there were books.  And read them all.  OK, I actually read them all twice.  There is a lot of information in them.  And watched the series several times.  The two are more complementary than reiterative.  I really love the vision and the parallels and the characters.   The actors met with Jeff Bezos and convinced him to pull the series into Amazon and develop it.  Since that time it has been one of the top Amazon series and they intend to finish it.  The series does have an end.  One more book coming out and that is it.

Today the fifth season (six is the last one) came out.  They know that I'll just sit down and watch the whole thing so they've parsed out the first three episodes and are dribbling the rest.  Probably just as well.  I can always go back and start at season 1, episode 1.  There's probably something I missed. 


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