Beginning of terrarium

I'm trying to force three orchids.  I think one is already interested.  The object is for the environment to be cool and humid (used to have them on the shower ledge but that taken up by some stained glass).  

At the moment I've mostly got everything just chucked in there.  Charcoal on the bottom with a layer of pebbles and moss and some dirt on the right were plants are actually planted in soil.  the three orchids will stay in their pots in case they bloom and I can pull them to display in the living room.

There is a lid I added and otherwise I'm fiddling with it to learn what works.  It is fun and should be OK.  I've got a combined hygrometer/thermometer that I can use to monitor.  No app.  I actually have to look.  So far I can spray a couple of sprays in there and the humidity goes where I want it to.  Pretty easy to control.  So far the orchids are happy.


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