Back to the old ways

"Williamson County reported an additional 558 confirmed coronavirus cases Dec. 22 ....This is the highest one-day total number of new cases"

Not the highest since... whatever.  The HIGHEST number of new cases.  Period.  We are worse off in this county than we have EVER been.  And I don't hear any alarm bells.  We are the frogs and we've been boiled.

Where we live it is now worse than it has been since the beginning of Covid spread.  But for one difference.  The stores are jammed with people.  

I made one last run this morning hoping to get there before it was too crowded.  If this was not so crowded then it is going to be zero feet of separation in the store by this afternoon.  Everyone getting ready for their spreader event this Christmas.  It is what happened Thanksgiving which accounts for the first sentence above.

We have food enough in the house and paper towels and toilet paper and dog food.  We've got three meals each week being delivered by either Dinnerly or Home Chef depending on the week and a Prime Rib for Christmas.  And I've got enough flour and yeast and ancillary baking ingredients to make nearly anything.  

So in the words of Samuel L Jackson we'll be staying the fuck at home.


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