It's like waiting for glue to dry

I could really use another piece of wood to make more sections but soon as the glue dries I'll be done with the major part of it.  I can add sections later once I get stuff organized.

A little bit of a puzzle
A little bit of a puzzle

It is sitting in the drawer now but not all the way down until the glue dries.  Then I'll just slide it down and, as they say, Bob's your uncle.

The whole thing was really easy.  The most difficult thing is each piece was needed to hold the others in place so I kind of had to piece it together then do it a second time with glue.  It may need some more glue once I'm done but in my experience, less is better with wood glue and the whole thing will really be held in place by the way it fits in the drawer anyway.

Should be able to use it tomorrow.


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