Cranky old man

I'm trying to figure out if it is me or if I'm justified.  Zoe and I have gone on the same walk (half an hour up and down hill, granite path, around a drainage pond) for about 2 and a half years now.  During the past year it has been nearly every day.  Until Covid on weekdays it was all ours.  No one at all.  Then Covid hit and everyone stayed home and were out on the walk.  Now it is more people, more dogs (some new ones) and today a family with one kid on an electric pretend dirt bike (fast) another on an electric pretend car (medium speed) and mom with a baby stroller (slow) so we could not go ahead of them nor behind them.  I just got off the path and out to the street and walked back to the car.  

This pushed a lot of my buttons as I don't think small kids should have toys that don't require them to add physical energy.  They are kids.  They need to run and pedal and play.  Turning the outside into a video game is pointless.  And just assuming that the world will love having your family spread a quarter mile on a walkway is just inconsiderate.

I'm giving it until end of the first week in January to be sure that return to school, such as it is, will not help.  If it does then we'll just continue on as we have been.  If not, we'll find somewhere else to walk.  

My huge concern is, of course, the development is reaching people saturation and everywhere will be like this.  Crowded.  Or maybe the slow end of Covid will get people in school and physically back to work and it will clear out at least on weekdays.

Or, I'm just getting more cranky.

Odds are pretty even across the board.


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