Get out of bed and walk

It was a little warmer early today (mid fifties/twelves) so I got the walk in early-ish.  Around 8:15 or so.  Only one person on the walk so it was a lot nicer.  I think as long as the temp will let me I'll start walking before coffee.  Probably better for me anyway.

 As always I'm ready to get through this season, through the Christmas/New Years forced fun season.  I rather enjoy the long slow pull of the days in late winter and early spring.  

We'll not really start the new year until 20 January.  But the pressure is easing off, the insanity slowly subsiding, the tide of chaos calming down into the usual, wonderful boredom that is the forward momentum of the country and the world.  I swear Fauci looks happier and it is not just the vaccine.

Since The Expanse is dripping its current season (aka water torture) and the final book is not coming out until next October I decided to take advantage of the Disney+ subscription I gave my wife and start watching The Mandolorian.  So far, it is solidly in the OK realm.  Weirdly, my biggest complaint is that it is visually dark.  I adjusted my Roku to be as bright as it goes and I can barely see it.  It is better on my PC but such a strange choice for a series essentially created to be seen on a Roku.  Other than that it it pretty good.  No Expanse but still interesting enough to keep watching.

Speaking of which.  I did, as required, see WW84 and thought it was abysmal.  I didn't finish it.  The story was a boring jumbly mess.  The action was hard to follow and the whole thing was just kind of pointless.  I'm so happy I did not pay to see it in the theater or, worse, take a kid to see it. 


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