The temp just hit 70

I looked down at my echo and saw the temp just hit 70.  In my head it is cold out.  I shouldn't complain as it does make my morning walk better.  If we can get out at a reasonable hour, maybe 7:30 or so, then we have the path to ourselves.  Tomorrow will be a good day for it.  We'll be back by 8:30 and will have crossed paths with no one.  I've started wearing my gator that I got a while back and never used since it was too hot.  Now I have a face covering (we don't have masks in Texas, we have face coverings) I can just pull up if/when I pass someone.  Still pretty sure it is pointless and unnecessary to walk by someone outside six or more feet away for maybe two seconds and be worried about exchanging sufficient aerated fluids to matter but if I've got the way to cover my face, I may as well.   Keeps my neck warm too.

Dana has a Samsung 7 and it is not working well.  Much of it, much of it, it user error.  She's on Facebook and ends up with a ton of crap.  I finally made her use Google Messages app so that she will not fill her messages with advertisements that the FB one has.  But her screen is a tech person's nightmare to even look at.  And it is Samsung so it has their crap on it.  And I don't think her phone with wifi is working right.  I think she's using the Mint phone system while in the house.  But the Samsung directions to check point to a place that does not exist on her phone.  

I finally decided that if I'm going to deal with a phone she needs to have the same kind as I do so I'm replacing her Samsung with a Pixel 4a.  I've got the 3XL so I know the operating system and can set things up.  Plus it has some internal security that may help.  And other good Google stuff.  And no Samsung.  The price is pretty cheap as I have it on a no interest loan for about $14/month.  I love no interest loans.

It will be here end of next week.  Her new case will be her tomorrow, glitter and all.


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