It's not the covid that kills you

Welcome to Central Texas and Cedar Fever.  What you see above is the spores from the Ashe juniper tree the result of which is randomly called Cedar pollen.  Anyone moving to Texas will one day become allergic to the pollen.  Or maybe not allergic, but sensitive to it.  The upshot is that when the cold front winds blow this time of year they carry an allergen that cause pretty much the same symptoms as flu.  Or Covid.  

As quoted by the local newspaper "It’s not so bad yet.".  December was just a warm up.  Now we're getting serious.  Walmart has baskets of Flonase in the isle this time of year.  We sell a lot.

I've gone through six boxes of aloe infused tissue so far and it's not so bad yet.  

On the bright side I think the threat of Covid exposure has passed.  This is the tenth day and we both can smell and taste and neither of us have a fever.  Other than the cedar fever we expect to have.  


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