A normal day

The world has settled down a bit.

I did finally get in a walk with Zoe after having it knocked out of the schedule by a morning appointment for a blood draw.  We tried a different cholesterol drug starting early in October so today is the day to find out if it is helping.  No results of the test yet but maybe I'm sharing lab space with Covid testing.  

THIS JUST IN:  All my values are now optimal or near optimal.  Way better than it has been.  Better living through chemistry!

On the way back from the clinic I stopped at the store and bought a bunch of stuff to fill the pantry and can only think of half a dozen things I forgot.  We use Alexa for our list and it works well.  We just yell at her to 'add potatoes' or whatever and she knows it goes on the shopping list.  So I just bring out the phone and there it is.  Could not be simpler.  And Dana can add last minute things while I'm gone and they will appear.  It is one of only a very few things we use Alexa for but I like it.

The day will get a lot more interesting soon when Dana's new phone arrives.  She does not do tech so she mangles whatever phone she has.  Not the hardware, the software.  She is a little click happy and uses Facebook.  Bad combination.  All the sudden she will have changed from the Google Messenger that I put on her phone and will be using some other ad filled crap.  Drives me nuts.  She has a Samsung that I can't get to work right and has Samsung junk on it.  So I'm getting her a Pixel 4.  Since I've got a Pixel 3XL I understand the software and know how to configure it and, hopefully, lock it down.  

The new phone is on the truck so I'll be configuring it tonight.  It will be fun to see the new Pixel.  


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