Mint day

We got Dana's new phone very late yesterday, so late it was basically today.  I didn't even look at it.  And I'm putting it off setting it up but I did put it on charge.  It came with 66% which on a new phone is probably a day or two but I'm going to start it off with 100%.

I've got to move my wife from Samsung to Pixel and set up Mint Mobile on it.  That latter is, hopefully, going to be easier than I'm anticipating.  Mint is ridiculously cheap but a little glitchy and has its own way of doing things so I actually have to read the directions which is annoying.

This phone comes with an insert talking about 'SIM free setup' so now I have to read directions twice AND make decisions.  Yuck.

On the bright side I suspect it will load quickly and I won't have all the crapware to take off of it.  And since I've got Dana on all Google stuff but for FB it should be easy for the sign ins.  They will all work as one which is good as I've got a fairly complex password for her as with most of our stuff.

Since it is 30 degrees outside I'll be doing that instead of a walk first thing this morning.  


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