Can the world survive without me?

There is a series of SciFi currently on Amazon, The Expanse.  I got hooked on it years ago after my hip surgery when I had some down time.  IMHO it is by far the best combination of book and video ever done.  Each is slightly different. Each complements the other.  And both have to be consumed to get the full effect.  I've read all the books (maybe twice) and seen all the series more than twice.  It does have an ending.  One more book and maybe two more video seasons and the story is done.  

The current season is unfolding week by annoying week on Amazon and I had two of the episodes saved up with another dropping this morning.  I already know in detail what is going to happen in each episode but watching it unfold is so comforting.

Like much of the world and nearly all the U.S. I've been holding a lot of tension with too much Wolf Blitzer (really, maybe any of him is too much) and too much opinions, mine included, mine especially.

My plan today and maybe for a couple of days is to let the FBI, the newly elected president, Nancy and the gang and all the rest of the world manage without me.  Really it will take work.  I'm not used to the world unfolding without my opinion and input but one day it will have to carry one without me so we'll start slowly with a couple of days.

I'll find a book to put on my Kindle.  Unfortunately the next Expanse book is not due until next fall so I'll have to find another.  But there are, apparently, a few out there I've not read.

Zoe just hit me with her nose and says I can't do anything until I take her for a walk.  It's warmed up to near 40 degrees now so I think we'll give it a shot.  


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