Another day of skipping the news

My daily newspaper (or the early morning addition):

What I find in my email inbox in the morning
What I find in my email inbox in the morning

Plus the overnight alerts in my phone.  I have Axios and Al Jazeera on my phone and they both send alerts (silenced during the night but there in the morning).

Normally I read through all the above and follow some of the links and by the time I've done that there are a couple of others that drop in to which I do the same.

None of these are screamers and they are for the most part balanced and factual without too much commentary other than the ones labelled as such.  

I've cut down on the list some and today will just mark them all as 'read' and go back to my book.

And, in the personal news department, it looks like the vaccine is on its way to me.  I received notification that I was going to receive notification that I would be able to make an appointment for the shot with my local med group, Scott and White.  My guess is that lots of the first responders aren't getting the shots so they will have some for the elderly, aka, me.  

So I'll soon have my own 5G implant brought to me by the people who are spraying the gas in the sky making it look like contrails.

See, I do read the news.


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