Why I'm still on Live Journal

I was going to comment on spacefem 's entry but thought I'd avoid hijacking.  My sister susandennis told me about LJ one year while we were walking around CES.  I scribble (the less focused form of being an actual writer) a lot and it seemed to be a good place to do so.  I'd been writing every day on just to keep my finger tips in shape and was bored talking to myself.  

The most important part of it has been, over the years, an additional communication strand with my sister.  We have a quilt of communication strands (email, Google hangout, texts, etc) and this is another of the connective threads.  

Thanks to spacefem for the heads up on Blogbooker.  I've saved the past couple of years and will go back further when my six month timeout has expired.  No idea what I'll do with the books but scanning the pictures is interesting.

Increasingly I've developed relationships with a wide crew and it has enriched my life and affected my opinions in a lot of ways especially during the past year.  Since I don't Twit or FB or any of the others (I'd completely forgotten about ELLO but did spend a lot of time on Google+ when it was around) and only lurk on Reddit, LJ is my only social platform and likely will remain so.


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