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The players have arrived so that they can quarantine for 2 weeks prior to the Australian Open Tennis.  I typically don't see much of the tournament since they can't seem to get the time right for my viewing pleasure and it is not much carried on TV.  But I do love watching tennis for all kinds of reasons not the least of which is for the hours I spent with my mother on and off the court.  The memories are precious and regenerated when I watch.  I can hear her voice commenting on the current raft of players she never knew and know what she would be saying.  

(I can also hear her say SHHHH!!! when I would try to say something during a point.)

I also have followed a lot of these players their entire lives watching many of their most important matches.  And I love them for their failings as much as their successes.  Serena Williams was not born when I was playing.  I remember her father commenting during an interview after an early win by older sister Venus that we hadn't seen nothin' yet.  And Serena is one of the most lovable stars.  She is exceptional and so completely fallible and human and beyond the crest of her great tennis but still can, on occasion, hit the 100mph ground stroke.  This is how one of the GOATs of tennis arrives at the airport:

Serena and her posse
Serena and her posse


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