Love the tax system

I had a constable call yesterday and say he was verifying my address so he could deliver a document.  The document turned out to be a law suit alleging that I owed a bunch of property taxes to the county from tax year 2019 for my company, Friendly Connections IT.  I got the document and began calling.  Thing is the company was terminated in July of 2018 a fact fully documented by the state in a certificate that I had sent the county twice before.  So we did the round and round.

I called the tax assessor who said to call the court.  I called the court who said to call some lawyer's office.  I called the law office who said they could not do anything else and I had to call the appraisal district.

I've long had this knowledge:  The world is run by little old ladies in tennis shoes.  If you find the right one everything can be fixed.  When I was in the Navy and wanted to get my next move set up I'd go to the office in charge of moving and take the little old lady in tennis shoes a dozen doughnuts.  Worked like a charm every time.

No doughnuts this time but I found the little old lady at the tax assessors office who said that I had been sent a notice of appearance to officially protest my tax.  The notice went to the offices of HST and I never got it.  That did not account for the response that I made last November when they asked the question again and I sent them the certificate.  Again.  I told her that the certificate was online but I could provide her with a copy but I didn't really want to come in and get sick just proving my company no longer existed.  We agreed that she didn't want that for either of us (little old lady indeed, she is my age).  She looked it up online and in a minute had wiped 2019, 2020 and any future taxes.  All hunky dory and no doughnuts.  

She suggested I call the tax assessor since the appraisal district information took 30 days to download to them.  The buildings are .25 miles apart so I can see the problem.  The tax people can't say that my taxes have been released for that 30 days.  The little old lady at the lawyer's office says they can't kill the lawsuit until the tax people say the taxes are released.  BUT, without doughnuts, she agreed to contact the appraisal district little old lady and ask if all is good.  If so the lawyer might kill the lawsuit without waiting 30 days.

And as we were talking, the little old lady said she did not see HST on their tax rolls.  I think they might have never registered with the county.  No surprise to me.  The woman that ran HST things thought they were special and government was there just to cause them trouble and they shouldn't have to pay taxes.  When I got there they were not paying the sales taxes they should have.  That would have wiped out the company had they ever been audited.  This will only slap them with maybe $10K of back taxes and penalties.



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