All's well that ends well

What a great title for something or other.

My tax issues is, apparently, done.  I got a call from the little old lady that works at the lawyer's office who said I should soon receive a letter from the court saying that the suit has been withdrawn.  Tax, penalties and all would have come to about a thousand dollars so not crippling but it is nice that I don't have to pay.  Especially since I did everything right.

I'm waiting for an Amazon delivery today that will bring me a t-shirt made for me by their virtual fitting system.  Since I wear t-shirts nearly all the time I own way too many.  But most are material I only kind of like or a size I definitely don't like (most of them have shrunk over the past year or so) and I hate tight clothes.  So this is supposed to be light (summer is most of the year here) and should fit me.  If so, I'm going to replace most of my collection with these.  So I'm excited about something so small as a t-shirt.

Yesterday I finished installing programs and getting set up for the Turbo Tax support season.  I've got a three month temp gig with them.  It is through the same company I did Peloton support but that is where the comparison ended.  Peloton was wrapped way too tight.  The systems were as complex as any I've ever dealt with (and I rolled out Office 365 to several thousand customers all over the Austin geo area).  And the customers were mostly prima donna types who, rightfully or not, were demanding.  And Peloton as a company was more than a little overwhelmed.  So it was a mess.

The Turbo Tax set up took maybe an hour compared to the 10 or so hours it took to set up the Peloton module.  And where Peloton turned my computer into a kiosk virtual machine, TT only connects to a VPN and runs the software through it.  While my PC stays in the same setup.  So it is much simpler.  

The training starts next week but I don't anticipate it will be nearly as complex as Peloton.  And I've worked with Intuit and TurboTax and all their other products for 20 years so I should be OK.

If it all works well I can buy more t-shirts.


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