I stopped to think and forgot to start again (bill_schubert) wrote,
I stopped to think and forgot to start again

Another long day

From 8 this morning so I guess that's about 10 hours.  Long enough.

We did pretty good today.  Ended up with a decent gross and maintained the good customer run. The cranky people that called last Saturday never came back so it looks like they've been successfully fired.  And we are firing another also cranky customer.  The ones that are never satisfied don't deserve us so we make it so they can't afford us.

I've still got a stack of paper that represents work to be done but I made some headway taking care of 2 of my 4 top priorities.

I started today and will continue to spend an hour each morning working on online marketing.  Facebook, Twitter, Merchant Circle, Google Places, etc.  Finding tech info for my customers.  And such.  It is something I've done haphazardly and will now try to do with some focus.

No idea what I'll do tomorrow.  Dana has events tomorrow and Sunday so I'm available to do whatever I'd like I guess.  Thinking bike and pottery.  And the library.
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