Banana Pistachio and flowers

I had three bananas that had ripened too much.  Typically  I break them up and freeze them in sandwich bags to dump into protein shakes but I suddenly got a hankering for banana bran muffins.  I didn't have any bran but, of course, Amazon did.  It came today and the muffins are in the oven.  Turns out my walnuts had gone rancid (expire date was end of last October so it was my fault for not using them or freezing them) but I had just gotten a bag of pistachios thanks to watching GBBO.  So, what the hell.  No idea how they will taste but how bad can it be???

Meanwhile back in the mail mairi_dubh sent me seeds!!!

Looking forward to spring
Looking forward to spring

They will go perfectly in our front yard water trough planter.  They will likely not last the heat but will make for a beautiful spring.


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