Enjoying my quiet time while I can

The new temp gig is fast approaching.  I'm doing training now and start live calls in a couple of weeks.  Three huge up checks about this gig.  It is time limited ending by mid April, I obligated for 10 hours but can grab more if they are available, and the work is fairly interesting and in my wheelhouse.  

We need to replace our kitchen exhaust fan.  Dana has what works out to be COPD but it more allergy based, I think.  Regardless, any time I cook now she has to go into the bedroom and close the door.  We've got what I thought was a pretty good exhaust but it only takes a plume of smoke off the olive oil to see that much of the smoke is being blown back in the room.  

We'll be able to pay for the addition of a decent exhaust with cash but having a couple or three months of income to soften the blow will be nice.

Then I can coast again for a while.

So, off to do some classes and get ahead.


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