Chilly today

It was around 32 when Zoe and I went for our walk:

Hard to see her coat — we both have on our winter garb
Hard to see her coat — we both have on our winter garb

But a nice morning for it.  Zoe has a coat too that we've had and used for years.  It seems to keep her warm enough and she keeps moving and never complains so I'm guessing she's happy.

Then I went to both Costco and the store.  And forgot that I had bought toilet paper from Costco before so we are officially hoarders now.  I once ordered two orders of Uline toilet paper when I had my business and four bathrooms not knowing that each box held 96 roles.  We don't have quite that much right now but on a per bathroom basis we're there.

And I've got the fixin's for baby cakes now but am too tired to make anything.  Dana is at the dentist getting a root canal so she can properly compare things in the future as being better or worse than one.

I've got to make whatever noise I need to now so the house will be quiet when she returns.  I predict a nap for her.

The T-Mobile sim cards came today as promised.  I'm about to put mine in and will do Dana later.  It will be interesting to see the difference not so much with me as with her.  My fingers are crossed that her texting issues disappear.  Then all will be right with the world.  I'd stay with Mint if T-Mobile had a one phone cheap deal.  But they are not dummies.  They saw me coming long ago.  The best deal is for two phones so I'm tagged along.

And I've got a couple of classes to finish before Monday.  In six classes so far I think I missed one question and I'm not sure their answer was right.  It has thus far been mostly a good refresher in Privacy and Security from the company position which, in Intuit's case, is pretty hard core.  Fine with me.

Off to take my shower so I'm done before Dana returns.


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