Scifi fun

Just finished John Scalzi's Old Man's Game on the recommendation of zoefruitcake.  It was fun reading Scifi again.  I've been on a 20 year murder mystery/thriller binge that will likely continue but with some off world fun.  The book is reminiscent of what I read in my 20's when I binged through ever SciFi book I could find in the library.   Scalzi is 15 years my junior but obviously read a lot of the Spider Robinson, Asimov, Niven and the rest of the crew.  It was a little like going home and having the fire already lit in the fireplace.

Now on to amw 's recommendation Red Mars.  I've got it on my Kindle ready to go.  I'll do a couple of classes first so I don't feel guilty or pressured. 

I've got a week's worth of TurboTax stuff to learn but hopefully will be able to get it done expeditiously.  So far, so good.  The system is fairly predictable.  The hardest thing to figure out so far is their knowledge base, more specifically, their search preferences.  After 20 years of doing computer work my Google-Fu is pretty good.  The joke about computer work is that it only requires the ability to search well.  So you'd think it would be easy for me.  But the brains behind the KB search engine at Intuit were not trained at Sergey's feet.  Not very intuitive.  But I'll get it eventually.


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