Baby cake

Pictures to follow but I'm going to attempt my first scratch Yellow cake with scratch Chocolate icing today.  Got my six inch pan all ready and am waiting for the butter (total one an a half sticks for cake and icing!), egg and butter milk to warm to room temperature.  

Just another exciting day here in Leander.

Other than that I'm reading Red Mars having just started it this morning.  I don't quite have my hooks in it yet, or vice versa, but other than an hour or two on the gig training (learn you Forms!) I'll be reading.

I've given up worrying about if/when we'll get vaccines in Texas.  Dana and I are signed up with the county and with our local medical system so one day when the wagon trains finally get to the state capitol we'll be notified.  It doesn't matter too much but it would be nice to have some immunity in addition to being careful.  

I had to go to Lowes yesterday and was looking at a metal saw and listening to the two employees behind me discussing how even the socialist government in Australia was talking about how bad Biden's executive orders were for gun owners and wasn't it weird how every picture of Biden had black eyes?  I walked away before they started talking about Hillary's face off or the chem trails.  

Maybe it is OK if we don't get the vaccine here.  If I've ever seen a gene pool that could use some cleaning ......


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