Windy and chill

Zoe and I were blown away this morning during our walk.  It was nearly 50 (10) degrees this morning and I started to go out in shorts but it was a chilly 50 degrees and I'm glad I switched to long pants.  I had my sweatshirt hood up most of the walk and my hands up in my sleeves.  Chilly but quiet with only a couple of dogs.  Clearly the neighborhood is becoming more dense as the dogs and people on our path has grown so that only at truly weird times is it ever empty.  On the other hand I no longer get anyone complaining about having my dog illegally off leash.  So it is not too much of a problem.  Toby no longer goes with us.  She is too aggressive and does not know how to mind her own business.

The walk is for my health as much as Zoe's and we both need to be walking briskly for it to work so having her off leash is perfect.  Toby becomes an incumbrance as he can only be off leash a bit and has to be constantly watched.  Zoe and I long ago mind melded so I know where she is and how she will react to any situation.  So we can both cruise.


It is so difficult not to get caught up in the QAnon kind of stuff.  It is scary and seems to be a huge and unique problem.  Of course I know things have frequently been a lot worse in this country but it is nice to read some history that supports that view.   Comparing the Know Nothings to QAnon is a really such an apt comparison that I'm much relieved.  This too shall pass.  Not too many people would be able to say off the top of their heads before reading the article what the Know Nothings were about or when they existed or what they did.  But they were a thing and considering the lack of immediate social engagement, were pretty powerful.  I suspect that QAnon will be an historic footnote to the history of presidents who only served one term.

There was a time in this country not so long ago when Joseph McCarthy dominated the news, the entertainment industry, congress, society and much the rest of government.  But I've got my group of morning business people I meet with (all in their 30's) who had never heard of him.  Sad that they did not know history but McCarthy, like Ozymandias, lies a colossal wreck in the lone and level sands.


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