Resigned to do it the long way

In an hour the classes to learn Turbo Tax support for my gig begin.  I had been doing it on my own, independent study, and was maybe a day from being done.  But I received an email last night saying that the cutoff for independent study was noon yesterday and that I'd automatically be put into the regular training.  Meaning I'd wasted my time and now had to sit through classes covering material I'd done already and that has already been marked as successful.  And it delays my paid work start date.  

Much of the problem is the disorganization of the company.  Too many hands involved when a hierarchic structure would be far better.  There is no I in team, nor is there a common structure with clear, concise writing and goals.  The result is there are maybe four different calendars spread out over the different sites and no indication which to follow.  And the messaging is so concerned with being entertaining by using colors and a variety of fonts and LOTS!!! of junior high school exclamation punctuation that the meaning is hard to WhoHOO!!!! follow.    

OK, I feel better now.  There is much more curmudgeon talk going on in my brain but I've lowered the pressure some and we have CLASS!!!! soon.  So I need to get on my cheer outfit.

So much I miss about the military.

Meanwhile, in the middle of a pandemic during which a 67 year old can not get vaccinated and the economy really needs government to pay attention and food lines are endemic, we have a state legislature spending its time on a consideration of a bill for Texas to secede from the U.S.  A Republican from Fredericksburg entered a bill to secede.   On the scale of 1 to Marjorie Taylor Greene it is barely a 5 but still.  My taxes are paying a guy to spend time in Austin at the state capitol bloviating about secession.  

I feel the curmudgeon waking up.  So never mind. 


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