Biscuits for 2

Now I've got a 6" cake it is time to downsize the rest.  I love biscuits and love bacon, egg, biscuits or ham/egg or sausage/egg.  Whatever.  Good breakfast.  But biscuits become hockey pucks in a day or so and after breakfast I don't tend to eat as many.  I just made a four biscuit recipe that I need to work on.  It was inspired by wildcelticrose2 picture of a biscuit today.  

It is square because I don't have a round cutter and no reason not to have them square.  I need to work on them a bit.  Always working on getting them to rise as much as possible.  Flakey layers.

This recipe made four rather large ones so I need to cut it down some or find something to do with the dough I don't use.  

It is such a luxury to throw something like this together in half an hour with stuff from my kitchen.  I've still got probably 10 pounds of All Purpose flour left from the 48 pounds my Son In Law left me when he moved.  Obviously it is still good.


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