Another App for the house

Slowly, but surely, I'm loading my house up for a crash.  A little lightening hitting nearby would not be good for me.

I just added the Wyze Sprinkler to my ensemble.  First of all I HATE Rainbird watering controllers.  They are way too complex.  I've had half a dozen over the years and still can not work one.  They include tech for an 18 hole golf course/English garden when I could better use a on/off valve.  The latest from Wyze is simpler.

And, of  course, cool that I can turn on/off the watering from my phone.  "Honey, I hear someone in the yard!!... {reaches over from the bed to his phone, turns on all the sprinklers} ... yelling from the yard.  

But Wyze is reaching for a better way.  They integrate all sources from the Internet to monitor weather and automate your schedule to better keep the yard watered correctly without wasting any.  That was a $10/year subscription but I was an early adopter so I get the first three years free.  Weather based watering.  

I suspect there will be some adjustments but I'm generally thrilled. 


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