Changed for the better

I love thinking of the changes I've seen in my life.  Typically they have to do with color but not always.  I love that multi racial couples walk down the street hand in hand and no one notices.  It doesn't matter to anyone much.  Increasingly the same is true for male/male, female/female couples.  It is becoming less noticeable.

And I just read an article about Mayor Pete and the VP.  Apparently their husbands are friends.  The husband of Mayor Pete, the gay cabinet member, and the husband of our Vice President, a black female, are friends and they all got together for Pete to take the oath of office.

None of that changes anything for me.  None of the above makes much difference in my life.  I never saw the White House lit in the rainbow colors either but knowing that it happened, knowing that somewhere there is a black, female Vice President who represents me to the world gave the oath to an openly gay cabinet member somehow enriches my world.  Glass shattering all over the place.

If they were all atheists I'd be even happier but one can only move so fast.


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