Done for the day

The second to last day of class was today.  Thursday we go live on the phones so if you've got a TurboTax question, call tomorrow.  

Actually, I feel pretty well trained and supported.  It is so much simpler than my last gig of Peloton.  I figured out that I've filed taxes for 50 years now and have some experience that helps.  They give us the product only (I'm having trouble downloading the TurboTax) until we have enough calls and a high enough quality rating then we start getting more complex calls (I'm having trouble filing my state form).  The line between product and actual tax advice is, so far, a little vague to me but I suspect it will become more apparent when we go live.

I've enjoyed the training.  It has been interesting and the instructors are excellent and soooooo patient.  I can not imagine being so patient.  

It will be strange to answer phones again but nice to get some money for it.  


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