Sleeping dog

Zoe is going to sleep well tonight as will I.  Typically we walk a standard mile and a half, all off leash so she can run back and forth and find the facilities where she wants.  It is a nice loop that we've been walking for two and a half years with a new hip and then a new knee.  But it requires us to get in the car and drive to the trail head and I hate that.

Well today I decided to stretch all of our six legs.  We skipped the car and walked to the trail.  It is a pretty big downhill followed, of course, by a pretty big uphill.  Google says it was 3.1 miles.  Most of it on concrete as my arthritic foot can attest.  But my Hoka shoes held up.  Walking on sponge all the way makes a huge difference.

Time for the Tylenols.  Zoe is already crashed on the cool floor.   


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