All this time and I just got to it

I've been shopping periodically, like walking through the grocery store shopping, all year long.  Not as frequently and always with care.  Since Texas got mask serious I've been fairly comfortable doing it.  Last couple of trips have been double masked.  

But now I'm likely to get a vaccine soon (really, soon as the wagon train gets to Austin) I've gotten more careful.  With the variants running around and at the same time people seeing the numbers go down and lowing their guards and masks I'm more concerned.  But we still need milk and eggs.  So I finally went to our local HEB site and put together an order.  OK, the driver was coffee.  We're down to one bag of beans and that is scary. 

And I figure with nine or so months of practice they should have it down now.  And it is only $5/order to get them to do it.  And those damn shopper carts are way too much in the way when I try to shop so really, just screw it.

Going a step further, Dana is going to pick up the order tomorrow.  It was really an easy thing to do.  They have a great web site and excellent pictures and, of course, I know the store so I know what I'm looking for.  It was all too easy.  Now I've remotely poked some young kid to run around the store and get my stuff and have it ready tomorrow.



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