Better place to be living today

A couple of years a go we moved from a house that was surrounded by huge oaks.  They shaded the roof and were really lovely to have in the yard.  Now, of course, we moved into a new development that cut down all the trees and then planted the landscaper additions that mostly die in the first year.  Not nearly so nice but for this kind of weather.  We're in the midst of an ice storm that will be thinning out the trees at our old house and I'm glad I'm not there.

Pictures out our back door in someone else's back yard.  

It is beautiful but what a pain to deal with.  We have gas heat so I don't have to worry about our heat pump that is covered in ice and only needed for A/C.  All in all, we're as good as it gets for this kind of weather.  Which is good as it will be worse before it gets better.  I'd love to see how the old house is faring but I'm not going anywhere for now.


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