I was married twice before my current marriage.  Each of the first two lasted about 10 years.  Dana was also married twice before so our number of marriages aggregate to five (I don't think I used aggregate correctly but I like the word so we're going with it).  

Partly, and only partly, as a joke so we would always remember THIS anniversary date we got married on Valentine's Day in 1997.  Twenty four years.  Being the jewelry person she is Dana was thinking it was twenty five and silver and what did I get her.  Hah!

We're not going anywhere as the roads are ice and it will mostly be just another day but we both have a deep gratitude for having each other to quarantine with this year.  It has not been easy.  We both have stopped drinking (me completely, her mostly) and it has changed our relationship considerably, for the better.  We both are very aware that we will grow older together and, as Snoop Dog says, 'down the hole we all go' and we'll end up doing that together too.  In this age of fractured relationships and certainly with our backgrounds it is a weird thing to consider.

The front of my Valentine's / Anniversary card
The front of my Valentine's / Anniversary card


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