More electric, no water

We're now about half the day/night with electric. No warning of course when it goes down but at least it is on long enough to bake pizza. I no longer turn on my PC. I'm too afraid of damaging it with the drops. But the phone is good. So far our natural gas is still on so we have heat when the electric comes on and the outside temp is rising.

Everything is dripping but ice is all over the place so it's dangerous to walk around. I slipped yesterday but no damage. There are people driving and my guess is that they want to more than have to. We are not driving. We're low on milk and eggs but aren't going to starve.

The only bad spot is they turned off the water once the util lost power and bacteria control. Really crappy infrastructure here. Investigations to follow. And price hikes, I'm sure. I'm melting snow for the toilet and Dana filled a bunch of pots to boil so we have tea and such. No washing for a couple of more days.

All in all, a pretty bad performance from a state that is so critical of how poorly everyone else does it. Turns out to be a thin veneer of solidity.

But tomorrow, Scarlett, is another day.


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