Venturing out soon

I think it is probably too late for the early bird but the roads are mostly dry now so I'm going to the store.  Milk and eggs and kleenex.  And a couple of meals for the refrigerator.  

We actually have last week's Home Chef and this week's meals, totaling 8 meals on the way.  I contacted Home Chef and told them that I'd likely have to toss the perishables of last week's food when it gets here and they immediately gave us credit.  So we'll actually come out well on the deal with some of the food still usable and money towards the next week.

From what I hear we'll need the savings to pay for electricity.  We are a coop here.  Fortunately a pretty big one and, I think, well run.  But someone is going to pay for the work and what I suspect will be the system upgrades.  I'm sure there is a fund in the coop for this and maybe some insurance and maybe disaster funds but I've got to believe there is a bill coming.  Fortunately I have a fund for that and will be building it up more maybe skipping that kitchen exhaust hood improvement project for a while and some other stuff.   We're so much better off than most with reserves in the bank.  I'm grateful.

All in all it looks like there was no damage at all to the house.  The wear and tear was more than normal but nothing burst.  I've not tried the outdoor faucets yet.  Maybe later today once the sun has been on them a bit.  But inside we're fine.  Still boiling water, which is weird.  But really by comparison to early in the week a minor inconvenience.

OK, time to get dressed and venture into the world again.  And, today's icicle picture.

The house faces due north so this edge never gets full sun in the winter
The house faces due north so this edge never gets full sun in the winter


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