Out walking

It is mid fifties here so icicles are gone as is most of the snow.  The sound of chainsaws fills the air as the community behind us, the one that still has trees, cleans up their land.  

I just got back from a walk and everything is pretty much back to normal, if a little damp.  The cactus isn't happy:

Sad cactus
Sad cactus

And the older trees are cleaned up of mostly dead branches.

We're still under a boil water condition but I expect that to end maybe on Tuesday or so.  We're fortunate.

Our Home Chef box never got here so we'll throw that out when it does.  And next week's box is due tomorrow but I don't believe that will make it since the pipeline will be clogged.  

Not sure what dinner will look like next week as the stores slowly catch up.

All minor issues after last week.  

Now we're back to the normal worrying about masks, distancing, and vaccines.  So weird that living in a pandemic is the normal we're returning to.


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