Aaaaannnd, we're done

Snow, what snow?

In typical fashion for this area (I can hear susandennis in my ear, why bother shoveling?) it is a lovely spring day like nothing happened.

Suburbia at its finest
Suburbia at its finest

We went on our walk today and it was kind of warm.  It is now 71 (21.6) and sunny at 5:30.  

I did not try to go to a grocery store today but don't really need to.  We received our Home Chef order a week late (they gave our money back) and I'm going to cook some of it up tonight.  The ice was frozen in the box still and it was all beef so I'm thinking it may be OK.  In which case we've got food for over a week with this week's box coming likely tomorrow.  

We have tons of shelf Almond milk that we need to go through.  And some Oat milk (which actually turns out to be pretty good in coffee so other than cooking I might be able to go without cow milk) and eggs.  So I may not need to go to the store for a bit.  I do think I need a Costco run for dog treats.  Zoe says yes.

Other than that I'm just helping people get their tax returns in.  So far, so good on that front.  I've been successful at solving problems and I throw in a little life advice on the side at no extra cost.  It is fun and they pay me.  Or will.  


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