Back to the normal

Weather trauma is over here.  The high today is forecast to be 77 (25) degrees.  

So back to the norm, AKA middle of a pandemic, working day.  I've got a very few hours on the job today.  Only 10 to 14:30 with half an hour off in the middle.  I committed to 10 hours a week but sign up for 15-18 ish.  Not at all arduous but enough so I don't forget too much between shifts.  The shifts are call to call to call.  I block out a few mins between calls to catch up notes and such but soon as I click available the phone rings and the next case pops up.  

The tax product is really good.  It is amazingly sophisticated software with exceptional security and assistance availability build in.  And most of the people who I get (lower level helper here) have the free version and are getting help at no cost.  Doesn't make them any more appreciative but I do wonder how the company makes money when so many are using their product for free.  And on their phones.  Tons of people doing their taxes on their phones!  Some with more than just a W-2 but really, what a PIA!

To give you an idea of the level of software sophistication I was on with a guy yesterday who called me on the same phone he was using to run the tax software (they can use phone app or web site).  I was able to remote in on that same phone and help him walk through fixing a problem with his return.  While on their we electronically filed the return.  And he could see the stream of my face in the software as I was helping.  Just amazing.  And he was bitching about this crappy phone and this crappy Internet connection all the while.  Oh, yeah, and it was the free version so it was costing him nothing.  I was just laughing and telling him he had a miracle in his hand if he took a moment to think about it.  He did and agreed.

I'm frequently a facilitator to people getting thousands of dollars back.  Never mind they've basically given the government an interest free loan for a year, I don't tell them that.  They are really appreciative as I smooth their way to get their refund.  And I'm the calming voice since there is no anxiety for me other than, as I told howlin_wolf_66, I hate talking on the phone.  I'm good at it but would never do it again if I could manage.  But I've got all the back up I need and can solve nearly any problem and give personal advice I've learned from filing my taxes for the past 50 consecutive years.   

And it is good for me.  I'd soon do nothing but having to learn the ins and outs of a new system and apply it on the fly dealing with PEOPLE all the time is good for my little gray cells.  And it won't last forever.  

One lady said that Stubb Hubb, one of their clients whose business fell through the floor last year, is even a better gig so maybe I'll move onto something else in the spring.  When it is warm.  Not this frigid 80 degree weather we have now!


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