November 4th, 2010

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 somewhere between being adhd, moving to a new building we just renovated, running a business and attempting to expand into new areas in a competitive environment there's a lot of noise in my head and pieces of information poke through every now and then for me to act on.  or more precisely a neuron fires off that holds some piece of information.. 
one of those pieces of information is the fact that my EVO, still under warranty as are all of them right now, has a broken power jack so i can no longer charge it
i have three batteries.. one in a charger at home, one at a charger at work, and one in the phone.. rotating the batteries is not that difficult... 
i called in and have an rma number but can not seem to give up the phone because.. 
well because it does a number of more or less critical things for me
i'm in the middle of a book on the kindle app.. well i was in the middle of one when the problem started.. and it had a sequel and the library had a 7 person wait list for the sequel and i couldn't wait so i bough the second book just after finishing the first one.. and i'm in the middle of it.. 

i'm going by the sprint store to see if they can help but i doubt they can do anything

i can keep the battery rotation up.. not a big deal as long as i remember to swap before walking out of the door

i can transfer things wirelessly.. and don't transfer things much anyway.. 

but the warranty will one day run out and i will be forced to do something about it.. . . 


the noise just turned back on so i no longer have to think about it until my htc neuron fires off again..................
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In yet another attempt to prove that they are the worst company in the world Verizon disconnected the phones to my company.  They had a work order to do that on the 12th when we move and change providers but apparently thought it would more efficient if they did the work early.  Or maybe they are on a 'Verizon' only calendar.  
But in their haste, they screwed up their try at abyssal service.  They left my DSL up.  HAAH!!
Have a nice day, Verizon.
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