February 18th, 2011


Nearly always a nice day for me.  It's my turn to work tomorrow.  10:30 to 2:30 but I usually start earlier and stay later.  Better than a weekday of work but still can be difficult.  Once we hire a new technician I will be able to train them up and they will work the 4th Saturday and I'll rotate myself off.  One more step to doing less.

I had a customer look at my truck a couple of days ago and point out that my inspection sticker was way past due.  I had not yet gotten to it yesterday when a Georgetown motorcycle cop stopped me and pointed out the same thing.  So that moved up to the top on my Google task list. along with creating a flyer for our new Sun City Saver program and getting information to our graphics designer for the Sun City phone book. Today's priorities.

Training a new temp all this week.  She's doing pretty well but is starting with the most basic computer knowledge.  What is the difference between a browser, a search engine and a web site.  It is a lot of front end investment but I think she's going to be a good long term gain to supplement Dana and Amy.

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 Typical day in a small business...   two and a half hours later and I'm just now getting out of the shop to go have my car inspected.

Very tiring day

Part of the problem is that we are busier than usual.  So we are missing some parts of jobs and are much more frustrated when stuck at a job with a difficult problem.  Cash flow is better but that only really matters in the short run to me.  The other three are on salary which is great for them when we are slow but hard for them to remember that when we are slammed and they are not making any more.

So we have a frustrated group today.