February 19th, 2011


10:30 - 2:30 is quiet today.  Couple of phone calls, couple of people..  one appointment added to a quiet Monday schedule.  I'm not very motivated today so it is just as good.  Bad customer karma still through today..  solar flares has everyone on edge I think. 

As usual trying to reduce the mess of paperwork on my desk.. detritus of 5 companies and their associated financial and tax entanglements.  It is a funny thing how complex I make my life, some internal force keeping me from becoming bored, I guess. 

Hamburger and Cheetos for lunch ..   

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Books and movies

Well, technically television.  I worked my way through the first season of Damages on Netflix. Sometimes productions like that are really good, really well made but I can't decide if I like it.  With the Advent of Netflix I seldom watch anything on the TV in its first season.  Having made the decision I've got so much back fill that I never lack for watching material, only time.  So I could dump Damages after season 1 and have plenty to keep me occupied.  But it may be a little like dark, dramatic crack.  I'm halfway through the first episode of season 2 and still not sure if I'm interested.  Wonderful and well used cast.  As opposed to Harry's Law which has a wonderful and wasted cast.

Finished Call for The Dead, the first George Smiley book. Smiley is in 8 Le Carre books and I had never been able to finish one.  Thanks to my sister I downloaded Call for The Dead and listened to it.  I'm tired of NPR and most of the news so I'm taking a break.  This was a drift back to the cold war era that I remember and an England that I don't.  It was good but, again, I can't decide if I really liked it.  Great use of a good cast.