February 24th, 2011

Well I see we are back

LJ is back, my phone is back, the world is coming back together.

Or it will be once I put the time back into getting my phone (including the LJ app) back together.  I have all my apps out on the market but none show up in the sync.  Somewhere on a forum I saw something about the phone being registered on Google before the apps are available.  We'll see.  Got to go to sprint tomorrow to replace my home recharger so I guess I'll pump their brains about it.


I feel like today was another Monday.  Everyone just off their feed.  As predicted our customers were happier this week.  The solar flare has obviously abated.  


Break for a little while then maybe do a little more phone.

It does what I need.  Everything now is icing.  But, really, the icing is the most important part.