February 26th, 2011

Saturday morning

Not working today and will probably actually take some time off.  Library and such.  They want $25 from me for my annual membership since I don't have a residence in Georgetown.  The fact that my business contributes hundreds of times more than any 5 residents in Georgetown sales tax and general business generation in the city seems to be beside the point.  Not to me.  But to them.

Got an email that it was time to reorder drugs and, of course, I don't know my password so I went out on roboform web site where I can log in and get one if I'm not at my usual pc.  No longer.  They now have Roboform Everywhere for $9.  Unlimited installs.  So I popped for it and got it on my home  PC.  Then I noticed the expiration date of one year.  

So I own one Roboform PC license, one USB portable, and one for my Treo that I haven't used in a long while.  Those were all paid for five or six years ago.  Roboform figured out that they needed a new model and this is it.  Not sure how I feel about it.  On the one hand I use Roboform 30+ times a day 5-6 days a week so that works out pretty good.  And I will probably use it more if I can get it everywhere.  So $9 a year is probably a good deal.  But there are other ways.  Google docs is secure and always available.  Just a little discipline to set up a system of records would make it usable.

But it does not autofill forms and the browsers don't do that nearly as well as Roboform.  The time I save with auto filled forms probably works out to more than $1K of time per year.

So I guess I'll pop for the $9 bucks next year.

It's been a nice, quiet morning.  Took the dogs out to their running place to their extreme delight.  We ran into another dog owner who has a big (probably 90+ pounds) dopey nice dog that we've played with before so everyone ran around and wrestled and such.  It was fun.  I should be able to take them out again before it gets dark tonight and maybe to the park tomorrow.

Now time to do something semi productive.

Things that don't work (AppBrain) Things that do - fortunately a longer list

Replacing my Evo has been an adventure.  No real surprise at that.  But I trusted Appbrain and it completely failed. I log into the account online and see two lists "Apps on the HTC Evo 4G" and "Apps on the phone".  The former has my current set of apps.  The latter has the set that was on my phone before it died.  Same signed in account.  No way I can see to set the latter list to the current phone.  All kinds of places to share lists, put it on Twitter, put it on Facebook, get more apps, etc, etc.  But the most important thing that it does which is to be a stand by backup in case of phone failure is just that, a complete failure.  It is still sitting there waiting for a resync from a phone that is dead.

Good way to clean out my apps, though.  And I can just go through the list and get the ones again that I need.  Fortunately the Google has kept track of what I've spent money on.

Meanwhile, some of the apps have really done a great job.  Catch.com (Catch Notes) had me sign in with my Gmail account so that all of my notes sync'd and are back on my phone.  I'll be buying the pro version if they ever come out with one.  Audible even stored where I was in my book so that once I downloaded the book it picked up right where I left off.  Really a surprise.

Swype Keyboard comes up as no longer available for Android.  Haven't figured that one out yet but I'll keep at it as I like the app.  My favorite ringtones are back (.http://www.zedge.net/) although it seemed like it was easier to get them last time.

All in all th experience was not terrible but should have been a lot better.  I'll be looking for a better way to figure out my apps for the next time.. . . and there will be one... .it's why I have insurance on the phone.

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Hanging at sprint

Got my Sprint charger for replacement. Two more ahead of me. Second Sprint store. First one sent me here. Busy times for Sprint.

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