March 4th, 2011

Why aren't you on Windows 7?

Have you upgraded? No?  Well, you probably should.  I'll start with reasons NOT to upgrade.
1 - If you have XP then the drive will have to be formatted and reloaded from scratch.  If you don't have any additional software (such as Office or Quicken or other such paid software) or if you have the license and disks to reload the programs then this a good idea anyway.  Fresh start for the PC or laptop.
2 - If you have programs that must run on XP then obviously you will not be able to change.  At Friendly Computers we have one customer in that position.  Seldom happens.
3 - Can't really think of a third reason not to upgrade.

There are lots of reasons TO upgrade.  Win7 is just a really good operating system.  In most cases your PC will run faster than it runs on XP.  It has a many useful features and many fun features. 
Here are a couple of links that explain in more detail:
and of course Microsoft's reasons:

We can upgrade you from Vista Home to Windows 7 Home for $225 (includes the software).
We can upgrade you from XP Home to Windows 7 Home for $275 (includes backing up your data, email, pictures, etc and the software).

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Keep it safe out there.