March 19th, 2011

Nothing more exciting than hanging out with the plumber

So we have four toilets in Friendly Plaza.  Two on each side.  And two septic systems.  The two on the north side of the building had to be roto-rooted just after we moved in and now the one on my side.  The plumber started at 3 yesterday.  At 7 he quit.  This morning he started again.  35 year old pipes just a little clogged.  The clean out is just by my office door so I can watch the process and work on the taxes for my 3 companies and my individual taxes all at the same time.
I mean it just doesn't get much better.

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Joys of RV life

Just spent the last 2 hours removing then replacing caulk on the top of my RV.  Ran out of the stuff and had to order more.  I'm better at it than I used to be and it is something I won't have to do for a couple of more years (assuming I haven't sold it .. pssst.. want to buy an excellent, newly caulked rv?) but still.. ..
Going home to shower and nap and get ready for bowling and the Wayfarers (