Scheduling April

The gig I'm doing 'drops' the upcoming schedule every Saturday.  I checked yesterday and filled out hours for the available weeks the last of which is the first week of April.  So I'm thinking I see the finish line already.

Pro:  The work is interesting for the most part and well within my capabilities.  Not my favorite work but it does stimulate the gray cells and makes me work on interpersonal skills, not exactly my forte.

Con: I miss not having anything to do.  I miss being able to break up one day's work across a week and don't much like feeling pressured to get it all done over the course of a weekend.  I miss being able to schedule without having to look at the calendar.

I'm inclined to let the gig go when the time is right.  I don't want to cut the company off and don't want to burn bridges.  There are some other opportunities that might come up and I want to be able to do them.  And maybe pick up this gig when it comes around next year since I'll have a lot more background with it.

But, in the meanwhile, time to gear up and check the resources and the head set.  Back to the trenches.


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