January 30th, 2017

Welcome home!

After a WONDERFUL week with my sister, Susan (always a wonderful week with her) I get back to our longest and most profitable client getting hit by ransomeware.  Four PCs and some data on a server.  We have backups.  But, still.  And on the way to figure out which computer it was, which user downloaded the virus, my tech had a flat on our 11 year old Friendly Scion, the first flat in the company's history in any vehicle.  And I discover that the invoices I paid last week totalling about $3500 were paid out of the wrong account and now have to scramble to reshuffle money and pay the $35 overdraft fee.

So the answer to that is obviously that I should have taken one more day off.

My exceptional staff of two manage just fine without me but are happy to have me here today!

I love Discount Tire

  So the day gets better, as usual.  We restored the files to the user accounts and grabbed the offending virus laden PC for reload and took the car to Discount Tire.  Actually my wife, Dana, took the car to Discount Tire.  Since we buy all of our wheels there it was under their warranty.  New tire (worth $103) for $16.  The $16 was for a new certificate on the replacement tire so if it happens again on that one, poof, free tire.

Discount Tire knows how to run a business.  They do one thing.  They sell tires.  Well, two: they inflate them for free whenever you want.

Monday may end up being managable.